About Gamesformotion

Starting at a young age people play games. Alone, together, with each other and against each other, to discover the world in a playful way. Tension, luck, bluffing, winning, losing … It’s all part of the game. Playing is therefore full of emotion and pleasure. No matter how old you are. The world of games is the playing field of Gamesformotion. We invent games, give them shape and content. Including the perfect execution for an attractive price.

We make custom games for training purposes, advertising purposes, the toy industry and educational purposes. To convey a message, to showcase a brand experience or to make a complex story understandable. In addition, to that we produce games with chocolate components for the retail market.

Whatever your purpose is, we can turn it into a game.

Our team

Ben Apon

Epicurean family man, but above all driven to turn an idea into a good and communicative game. Ben likes to talk to the customer about great game concepts and the execution of the game.

Conny van Putten

Conny is caring and a real go-getter. As office manager she ensures that everything goes smoothly behind the scenes every day. In addition, she always ensures a good atmosphere.

Annet Zwerus

Annet takes care of the financial administration as if it is her own. Everything has to be right. She makes invoices and takes care of the payments. She likes to service the American customers.

Sander de Jong


Motorcyclist as soon as the sun shines. Also known as ‘the studio’ within the organisation. Responsible for anything that has to do with design.